Git Patch Stack
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The right way to use git

Free yourself from the constraints, isolation, & limitations of feature branches & join the revolution of developing & shipping software faster with small pull requests using Git Patch Stack.

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In Action

No branches? No problem.

Get a taste for the Git Patch Stack workflow, the tooling, and what it might feel like to join the revolution of stacking patches rather than making and managing branches.

$ gps ls list your current stack of patches & patch series

Develop faster

Helping you make smaller pull requests

Build small, logical, buildable, testable, releasable, patches while supporting pre-commit peer review via the tools everyone is used to (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, etc).


gps list (ls)

List out all the patches in your current stack along with their associated states.

Create Patch Series

gps branch (b)

Create a patch series from a consecutive sequence of patches in your stack.

Refine Patches

gps rebase

Refine patches iteratively as we prepare our patches for review.


gps pull

Pull git history from upstream and rebase your stack on top of the latest.

Request Review

gps request-review (rr)

Request review of a specific patch in your patch stack.


gps integrate (int)

Integrate your reviewed and approved patch into upstream.

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Community support

We're here to help

Have questions, suggestions, etc. Don't hesitate to let us know. Learning from our users and understanding all of their use cases is the only way we can improve Git Patch Stack beyond our own usecases.